History of the Christ Church

Jugendstil: Türme Christuskirche DresdenThe Christ Church, the only church with two steeples in Dresden, is easily recognisable from far away.

This Lutheran church was built from 1903 to 1905 on the site of an unused chalk pit as the first art-nouveau church in Germany. What makes the church unique is that the building itself, the interior as well as the immediate surroundings are designed and constructed only in this style. The sandstone building impresses through its clarity and the unpretentious beauty of its sculptures, ornaments and carvings in and outside the church.

During World War II the church was badly damaged due to a bomb. After 5 years of exposure to the elements, it was partly repaired in 1950/1951 so that it could be used again. But it was not before 1973 that a more thorough restoration of the church could begin, which was finished in 1980. The restoration carried out by Helmar Helas reflects closely the original style of the church.

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Apart from our services and concerts the church is open during the summer months from 20th April to 5th October between 5 and 6 pm.

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